5 things you should never do during sex

As much as sex comes with much awesomeness and excitement, it also has some downsides. 

things not to do during sex

During sex with your partner, there are some things that pop up in the head we just want to do. But the last thing you want to do is turn he or she off. Many relationships have been cut short because of what happened prior to having sex.

So we are here to give you some tips to save your relationships and enhance your sex life.

Pulse.com.gh brings you 5 things to avoid during sex.

1. Not making up your partner.

Kisses are the best, get that straight! How can you not? If your partner is not kissing you, it’s time for you move on right now.

2.Don’t set conditions

This is not the time to request for that money or insist a phone or laptop is given to you before sex takes place. Most people would end the relationship at that moment.

3. Pointing out their physical imperfections.

Sex is not only a physically sensitive act, it is both emotionally and physiologically sensitive. So calling out the physical flaws crashes their ego so hard. Stop saying “you are gaining weight” or “I don’t like this I see”. Cut it out!

4.Answering the phone.

It is certainly a major turn off and no one, and I say it again, no one will like it and it’ll kill the mood.

5.Call out another person’s name.

This is a major problem during sex. Consciously or unconsciously burping out the name of your ex or a crush during sex with your partner is a major insult to them. Concentrate entirely on him or her during intercourse. 


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