6 habits of couples who have great sex

Sex is believed to be the highest form of intimacy in a romantic relationship.

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It proves that the two individuals trust each other completely and are ready to be vulnerable with each other. It also strengthens a couple’s bond and helps connect them on various levels.

However, there is more to sex than the mere physical act. In order to have an amazing sexual experience, there are many other things we need to ensure.

Here is a look at some habits of couples who have great sex.

  • ​They are affectionate even outside the bedroom

Romance doesn't start in the bedroom only. It should be a part of your everyday lives, no matter it leads to sex or not. Receiving little kisses, cuddles, and compliments, and feeling seen, wanted, and supported by your partner can go a long way to set up a great time in the bedroom.

  • They put it on their calendar

Those who choose to organize their sex schedule do so because they like sex, and they want to keep having it. Also, the arrangement carries certain perks spontaneous sex does not, including anticipation. Couples can use it as an opportunity to incorporate something new and interesting into their sex lives.

  • They act like they are dating

When we are married, we don’t think we have to or need to do the things we did when we were dating. However, this is absolutely wrong. Thus, maintain eye contact, smile, let her talk without interrupting, lean in, and listen to what she says - just like you used to do while dating.

  • ​They know the importance of taking care of themselves

Staying healthy and feeling good about your body isn’t all about looks. When you feel confident about yourself, you can have a better time in bed, and that enhances things for your partner too. Keeping up with your general health by exercising and eating right can also help prevent issues in the bedroom like getting out of breath, not having a lot of stamina, not having the strength to try certain positions, or even erectile dysfunction.

  • ​They don't compare their sex lives to that of others

It’s easy to want to compare your sex life to what you see on TV, in porn, or to what your friends tell you. However, it’s about what works for your relationship. The sex lives of others shouldn’t be a concern.

  • They function as a team in everyday life

Couples having great sex feel like they have an awesome teammate, even outside the bedroom. Splitting chores fairly, encouraging each other, being a good listener, and approaching problems as a team can improve your sexual habits and make you both feel ready for some romance at the end of the day.


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