Forgetting to Announce Your Engagement

It is very important to break the good news to your family and friends after you pop the question. It is very disrespectful for them to find out on social media or from another person a couple of days later.

Calling Your Ex to Announce Your Engagement

Stay faithful to your partner and cut all ties with your ex. They don’t have any say in your personal or social life so there is no need informing them about your engagement. Enjoy the special moment with your partner and close friends and family.

Skipping Meetings With Your Wedding Vendors

Weddings should be a priority for the couple involved but we always see the women actively involved while the men are seen hanging out with their friends.

Accompany your other half to meetings with your vendors to know more details about your wedding and the actual cost involved.

Not Coordinating with Family Members

Weddings are special occasions for the couple and family members too. Some immediate family members might want to support financially or provide certain resources to cut down cost. It is important to ensure a smooth flow of communication between your partner and family members to avoid confusion.

Forgetting to Get Groomsmen Gifts

Most people think the job of a groomsman is all about fun but these men sacrifice their time and resources to support their friend. Thanking them with a little gift that they would use would deepen their love for you.

Believing That Whatever Happens in Vegas Will Stay in Vegas

Did you know that men also gossip? One of the groomsmen might accidently tell their partners all the good and bad things that happened during the bachelorette party.

If you drink yourself silly or gamble away half of your wedding budget, there's no way you can leave that behind when you board your flight back home.

Getting Tipsy the Night Before

Everybody dreams of getting married once and enjoying the blissful journey with their partner till old age. Take it easy the night before to avoid spending quality time with a bottle of aspirin and a pounding headache the morning of your wedding.

Neglecting to Eat

Never thought you'd forget to eat, did you? On the big day, you may be pulled in so many different directions that you might forget to pick up a fork and try the food and the cake you selected months ago.