Bridal makeup: Here are expert tips for doing your makeup on your big day

If you're planning on wearing makeup for your nuptials, it's best to select your look beforehand.


Planning a wedding takes a lot of work (not to mention, money). It's basically a universal truth. From booking the venue, catering food, and sending out all those RSVPs, the time leading up to the big day can be a bit of a blur.

But, to save some extra cash (and cut out excess stress), you've decided to do your wedding-day makeup. It could be a little nerve-wracking to create your beautiful look because this isn't just any day; it's your big day.

While we recommend hiring a professional makeup artist for the big day to achieve your wedding makeup look, many people choose to DIY their beauty for the rehearsal dinner, wedding shower or other pre-wedding events. Here's what to know, according to experts.

  • Invest in the right tools.

Set yourself up for success by investing in brushes and sponges to help apply your products. "Brushes are such a great investment because with proper care they last forever.

Plus, you'll have those tools after your wedding day for any other special events you'll attend in the future. Be sure to wet the beauty blender until it's moist and 'bouncy' before applying your foundation. This will help give you that radiant flawless finish every time.

  • Nail down your skincare routine.

Your complexion is the canvas for your wedding makeup, which is why it's worth investing in your skincare.

It's the first step in beautiful skin and long-lasting makeup. Now is not the time to be experimenting with a million different products. Instead, scale back to the basics and get your skin on a consistent routine.

  • Keep it simple.

There's one rule to doing your wedding makeup: Keep it simple. With so many things to think about on a wedding day, the last thing you need is added stress. Use multi-tasking products to keep your makeup bag (and your mind) clutter-free.

A monochromatic look is on-trend and easier to achieve if you're doing DIY wedding makeup. Multisticks are the star of the show here. They can be used on the lips, eyes and face—and they can be tossed in your bag for quick and easy touch-ups. "You don't have to be a professional makeup artist to use these.

  • Focus on one feature of your face.

This tip has several benefits. First, highlighting one feature of your face will look balanced and timeless. classic and elegant makeup—whether it’s a focus on the eyes or lips—looks best, especially when you look back on your wedding photos. But this advice also ensures a simpler look for you to create. Rather than worrying about every part of your visage, you can simply focus on part of your face. If you're doing your makeup for your wedding day, focus on one part of the face to enhance, be it eyes, lips, or cheeks and perfect the heck out of that one feature.

This approach also provides an opportunity to practice some self-love before your event. Spending extra time on your gorgeous eyes or lovely smile will boost your confidence in a matter of seconds.

  • Keep practicing

If you're nervous about doing your makeup for your pre-wedding events, practice is key. Once you've figured out how to achieve your wedding makeup look, pay close attention to how it wears throughout the day and how you feel in it. Practice your look several times beforehand and see how long it lasts. Did the eyeshadow disappear after a few hours? How did the foundation hold up?" Make adjustments wherever necessary so by the time the event happens, you know exactly what products to use and how to use them.


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