Brides-to-be: Here are some tips to follow when you are officially a wife

No matter how much we love someone and can't wait to marry the dream guy, there are many things that you ought to keep in mind before you say 'I do'.

Bride and groom

Dating each other and living together are two different concepts and to handle the latter, everyone needs some expert tips for the right guidance. So, keeping the interest of all brides-to-be, here are some relationship tips that may help you keep your sanity.

  • Talk about your problems

If you face any issue, or anything is bothering you, talk it out with your spouse. Do not give miscommunication a chance to seep into your marriage. Keep it crystal clear. If you think something may hurt your husband, use the right words but talk about it.

  • Before kids, comes your spouse

You married your husband and then had your kids. Maintain a healthy relationship and do not neglect your husband with your kids in the picture. It is important for your children to live in a positive environment and for them to see that their father is valued too. It is only then that they will value him and then their future spouses as well. What they see in the house while growing up is what they will practice in the future too.

In a marriage, there is no concept of winning or losing an argument. It is about settling it all on mutual grounds. Keep your competitive attitude in the office only. This is your home.

  • Go on dates

Marriage does not mean that now your meals have to be at home only. You must plan special dates once every week. If you quit here, it shows that you are taking your partner for granted.

  • Give space to each other

Give each other that space that everyone needs, irrespective of being in a marriage. Let him have his den, spend time with his friends and if he likes to be on his own in his own company every once in a while, let him have that and of course, it works vice-versa.

  • Greet each other

When you wake up, start with a good morning no matter how major the fight was last night. Wish him good night irrespective of your mood. This will rub off on your partner too and he shall reciprocate soon. If you are stepping out of the house, kiss him goodbye, hug him, if he is too practical, he will begin doing a little bit of what you are doing. This locks in the good vibes you had when you fell in love.


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