Differences are great, even welcome in relationships. Two people do not have to be the same to fall in love or grow in it.

The differences partners have in behavior, character and features often make for a balance in their relationship, and they create a kind of well-rounded affair where two people can complement each other rather than being two exact peas in a pod.

While differences aren’t bad for healthy relationships, some necessary areas of agreement remain, which should not be compromised if a happy relationship is the goal.

Fran Greene, a relationship coach tells Elite Daily, “sharing values is crucial for a relationship to thrive and grow. Shared values are the ‘superglue’ of all relationships.”

And each individual needs to recognize these important values and discuss it with each other before hitching a ride to forever together.

If you are wondering what these are, here are few of them listed below.

Trust has to be an indispensable part of any and every relationship. [Credit - Shutterstock]
Trust has to be an indispensable part of any and every relationship. [Credit - Shutterstock]

The future

As wild as it may sound, there are people who really do not care about having kids and it is not too much to ask and know if you are with someone like that. Ask questions about your careers and what will happen concerning that if, for example, one person gets a super amazing offer in a different city or country.

Ask questions and reach an agreement on how you'll run your finances, how religion is going to be… these are serious stuff that could cause irreparable damage to a union and it is important to trash them out before jumping head on into the relationship.

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To make a beautiful thing out of a relationship, both partners need to be on the same page as regards commitment, too.

When one partner desires a level of commitment and the other wants something not as deep as that, it creates friction and a toxic environment. What this suggests is that couples need to understand from the onset what they are both getting into, the potential the relationship has and the possibilities they are willing to explore. You can’t be dating someone who just wants to chill for the foreseeable future when you really want to go all the way within a short while.

Your ideas of commitment have to align [Credit - iStock]
Your ideas of commitment have to align [Credit - iStock]


According to Greene, trust has to be an indispensable part of any and every relationship, and it is a value that both partners need to possess and appreciate in each other.

“The happiest couples trust their partners totally and completely,” Greene tells Elite Daily.

“They do not second guess their actions, motives or plans for the future. Couples who trust each other have more fulfilling relationships because they can do things independently and feel safe and secure when their partner is engaging in an activity that they are not a part of.”

How You Fight

How you resolve conflict may be more important than how many fights you get into. Disagreements are inevitable, but if your partner shuts down, gives you the silent treatment, or diminishes you when you don’t agree, that’s not the best formula for a healthy connection. And you need to figure it out early, if this is an area of difference between you and them.