Heartfelt songs are written about it, emotional movies and even poets write sentimental poems about it. Undoubtedly, human beings have been fascinated by love and the wishful thinking effect that love has on our lives.

Love is a crazy emotion that drives us to strange things, and science has even shown that love works on the brain in a similar way drug does.

Love can also be sneaky sometimes, and it grabs us when you least expect it. If you have been wondering why you have been feeling a bit excited lately, check out these common signs that will tell you that you are falling in love.

Pulse.com.gh brings to you these common signs to tell you that you are falling in love.

  • 1.Steal gazes

For some obscure reasons, you just can look at him or her directly in the eye. You find it quite difficult to stare into the eyes of your object of love walks into a room, you might look the other side for fear you might let him see how you feel. Truth is, your eyes could give you out and talk to you, you are likely to blush or say sometimes crazy.

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  • 2. Absence makes your heart fonder

This is another one of a sure sign of falling in love. Clearly, you miss him when he\she is not around. Even if you haven’t actually told her he\she how you feel yet, you miss him insane if he’s not around.

If you are dating, then you hate it when he goes home, and, if you are not, you worry about him if doesn’t turn up for work. All you really want to do is to spend as much time is possible with him.

You now spend more time on your makeup than usual and more conscious of what to wear when you are around him. You totally find yourself doing the very things you suck at.

You seem to suddenly grow some interest for things you did not like much but he\she doesn’t like.

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When you are falling in love, everything seems so much better. You tend to be more gleeful when he\she is around. Smiles graces your face for no apparent reason.

You are so happy and content, you don’t need any other reason to smile and, every now and then, a thought of him will creep into your mind and a contented smile will spread across your face.

This is the topnotch sign that asserts that you are crazy in love even more than what Efya and Akwaboah have been singing about their entire music career.

You know what they say, love is blind. Yes, exactly what happens when you fall in love with someone. No one else could steal your attention or focus than he or she does. You simply stop noting any other person of the opposite sex.