5 signs your Ghanaian man is cheap

Beware of the guy who is not willing to invest his money in getting to know you.

He keeps asking you only for ice cream

Ice dates and coffee dates are fine for first dates, but after that, he has to take you to a restaurant of your choice or cook for you then advise yourself. If he can’t invest few Ghana cedis notes, it might be time to question how much he values your companion.

He says he already ate at home

Let’s face it. Why would you eat at home before going on a date? People go on dates to spend quality time together and get to know each other which includes sharing lunch or dinner. If he eats beforehand, it is an indicator he cuts corners in a lot of ways.

He forgets his wallet … again

Forgetting your wallet once is forgivable but twice or more is shameful and intentional. If your boyfriend prefers to step out with his wallet, he should load his wallet with enough money to pay for any expenses.

Most commercial businesses accept the electronic medium of payment so it should be quite easy to make payments. Ladies, if he doesn’t show up with his money, he might not be able to show up for you either. Every good boyfriend will put his money where his date is.

He only takes you on "freebie" dates

Watch out for guys who always ask you out when he has free tickets or coupons, eats friend’s restaurants at no cost, and never seems to pay for a drink at any bar. It could be a sign that he’s cheap and he wants the date for free and you for free. He wants to take advantage of you, he will never be committed to the relationship.

He just assumes you'll split the check

There's nothing worse than a guy who invites you out and expects you to pay for the items you bought when the check comes.

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