How to be a ladies’ man

The most earnest way of getting the ladies in your court is by being totally human about things issues.

The ladies man is that one man that has all the ladies to himself. Ladies feel very comfortable and happy around him. He has no business Kissing and telling because the ladies take on that responsibility.

I bet you will like to be in such position. Fortunately, earning the title “Ladies man” is very simple than you could ever think.

1. Be extremely nice

Most often, ladies men are portrayed in movies as jerks, rude and arrogant. Trust me, that is only a screen character. Truth is, no lady would like to be with a man that has a cold heart. Be kind to her in all ways. That is a good starter.

2. Know her to the core

Interestingly, ladies easily connect with folks that have a wider knowledge about their persona. What excites them, what brings them down, how they relate to matters and so on. Knowing her name, residence and social media handle are never enough.

3. Be sensitive

The most earnest way of getting the ladies in your court is by being totally human about things issues. Respond to her emotions. Share in both happy and down moments. It’s a beautiful thing when a man respects the state of mind of a lady.

4. Take sides with her

Ladies feel they are always right which we all know they aren’t; that’s not always the case . How about taking sides with them just to have them to yourself. Swallow that pride just to take a stance with her on matters.

One thing you wouldn’t like to have with the ladies are petty arguments. They would never see you in the light you want them to.

5. Maximum Attention

Now, this is the perfect ladies man therapy ever. Women for reasons best known to them love it when a man gives them maximum attention.

Make the ladies feel they mean entirely the world to you. Regular checkups through calls, text and possibly spending the weekends together. That way you create the illusion of the perfect gentleman


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