Dear women, here are 7 warning signs you’re dating a chronic womanizer

The relationship between two people is the pact they agree to. But the relationship needs to be taken care of and you need to try to make each side feel well in it.

Fighting couple

Even if it is difficult to make a decision you should not cheat on another person’s feelings and waste his/her time.

Experts suggest that every man’s behaviour always can be interpreted in two ways when they do mean what they should do directly, or when they are a cover for secrets.

However, the truth is that some of the behaviour of men is simply incomprehensible to the opposite sex.

But still, many women are wondering what the strange behaviour of their partners means.


Through such unexplained behaviour, more and more women have problems trusting their beloved men.

Going further lack of confidence contributes directly to the suspicion of betrayal. Maybe even the correct one.

As it turns out, every fifth man at least once in his life has committed adultery. Therefore, pay attention to the signs that the man is a womanizer.

  • Continuous excuses and telling lies

Is your partner still promising dinner out and not even once did he keep his word? Every excuse is good, but your man should remember that he is in a relationship with you and that he should spend more time with you. Not even have to he should want to be with you. If you hear a constant excuse from your partner who does not want to share time with you, it may mean that you are nearing the end of your relationship.

  • Colleagues

Women who suspect that their men are doing something wrong are usually right. A typical womanizer has many friends and is surrounded by them every step of the way. Of course, there is not inappropriate that your partner is friendly with other ladies. But you can start to worry when he is constantly receiving messages from different women who are not necessarily in the circle of your common friends.

  • To be or not to be?

In today’s world, unfortunately, more and more men are trying to avoid responsibility and serious relationships. They are just looking for fun and pleasures. Therefore, many affairs break down after just a few months. Being with a man you should pay attention to many signals that may suggest that he is going to look for an escape. Remember, it is not worth your time for someone who does not think seriously about the future.

  • Change of behaviour

Many women find that their partners are unrecognizable when they are in the circle of their acquaintances. They notice that their man is behaving completely differently, and while meeting with his friends he begins to ignore your person. This is also one of the first warnings that signal to you that he is not into you as much as you may think and it is worth considering a further relationship with your current partner.

  • Lack of any sign of life

If you belong to a group of people who have a problem with a man’s behaviour, you should definitely consider whether it is worth continuing such a failed relationship. In case your man disappears without a word for evenings, it is no wonder that in your head there is a growing accumulation of suspicions. It is also strange that he likes to do something without you for such a long time. Remember that there is no way to build a relationship for lack of trust.

  • Own security

This type of man values his safety above all else. They may not pay attention to the good or needs of their woman, but in the circle of friends will still be regarded as successful playboys. Sometimes, men of this type are arrogant, mischievous and have over-inflated self-esteem. Women who think seriously about their future should stay away from such men.

  • No interest

No interest from him is still one of the main reasons for breaking up with the man. A man who is not interested in his woman, but shows strong interest in girls around him is considered a womanizer. If your current partner is not able to ask how your day has passed or what do you like, and what do you need, then it is worth considering the end of a relationship.


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