A couple had more than they bargained for when they decided to take a tour of their beautiful city taking photos on their wedding day.

Lovebirds Ross Cohen and Blair Delson, were supposed to get married on Saturday evening but spent the whole afternoon doing a wedding photo shoot at romantic spots round the city of Philadelphia.

The couple were in the middle of their photoshoot in Dilworth Plaza, next to City Hall,  when about 3,000 naked men and women riding bikes started coming towards them.

But Cohen and Delson took the risk and continued to take pictures despite the cyclists riding past them, disrupting their photoshoot.

'We saw them,' Delson said Monday, 'and I sprinted in my heels and my wedding gown and decided to get in on the action.'

Cohen and Delson turned impending disaster into something hilarious as he twirled her around, and together they high-fived the nude cyclists, who serenaded them with cheers.

She grabbed handfuls of her tulle and lace dress and scurried toward the cyclists half a block away, and he followed.

'We thought it was hilarious,' Delson said.

'They captured the moment perfectly,' Cohen said.

The cyclists, some nude and others in body paint or underwear, seemed to have a good time, too, smiling and flashing peace signs for the couple.

Cohen and Delson, who are headed to Hawaii on Tuesday for their honeymoon, said they already know how they'll explain the R-rated wedding photos to their kids one day:

'When it's your day,' Cohen said, 'just love life and embrace the moment.'