4 major ways you wear your bra explains your relationship personality

A woman may be a driver, influencer, supporter or careful-corrector

Woman wearing a bra

Every woman has a favourite way she wears her bras. This pattern obviously developed overtime and it stuck like glue. But recent study says the way a woman wears her bra may explain what her personality is like.

According to a body language and human behavior expert, Patti Wood, the bra a woman woman puts on says a lot on who she really is. A woman may be a driver, influencer, supporter or careful-corrector.

According to YourTango, here are kinds of personality depending on the way you wear a bra.

1. Driver:  If you love a bra with a clasp in front, you are a driver. Drivers aren't used to wasting time. They love to buy things of good quality, make smart decisions and rarely criticize themselves.

2. Supporter: A woman who wears a bra with clasp at the back, then clasps it in the back is a supporter. She kind of woman loves to help people, she very good at getting along with everyone and is always prepared in case of emergencies.

3. Careful-corrector: If you love to clasp your bra then wear it over your head, then you are a careful-corrector. These type of women love to ensure things are done well. They tend to shy away from being the center of attention, stick to protocol and have a really private life.

4. Influencer:  A woman who wears a bra with a back clasp but first clasps it in front before turning, is an influencer. This personality makes sure she's covered, loves to wear matching underwear. They have no issues being vocal about their feelings and will do the right things no matter how long it takes.


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