No one wants to get in bed will someone who could potentially be a bad lay, but short of having psychic abilities, it is almost impossible to know how a woman will fare in bed. Or is it? Keeping your eye out for a few attributes could give you an idea on how much satisfaction you can expect from her in the hay.

1. Bad kisser: Most bad kissers make bad lovers. Kissing is a sensual act and if her kissing does not turn you on, it is unlikely that anything else will.

2. Bad at non-verbal communication; When a woman knows how to use her body to communicate what she wants outside the bedroom, chances her, she will know what to do with her body inside it.

3. Bad dancer: There is a reason men love to watch women dance. A woman who has the moves in the club will most likely have the moves in the bedroom too.

4. She is reserved: A woman willing to try new things will excel in the bedroom. If a girl is afraid to try a new restaurant, chances are she won’t be up to trying any new sex positions. Adventurous girls make good bedmates.

5. No confidence: Sex, for women is about 99 percent confidence. A confident woman knows how to ask for what she wants will know how to communicate this to you in the bedroom too.

6. She is all talk: When all a woman does is brag about how great she is in the bedroom, you are unlikely to have a good time. If she is, in fact, good, then she would have talked herself too high that no experience will reach that expectation. But, more often than not, only people insecure in bed will feel the need to overcompensate with too much talk.  Silent confidence is sexy.

7. She is uptight: For you to enjoy sex, you need to be able to let go. A uptight person will find this difficult to do. Free spirited women tend to be better in the bedroom because they live in the moment.

8. No sense of humor: Sex is fun, and a person who is all too serious will not make a good sex partner. There is nothing fun or sexy about a boring girl with no personality, no matter how good she looks.

9. She is inactive: Someone who spends most of her time just sitting around will be bad in bed. Why? Because good sex requires stamina, flexibility and strength. This comes from having an active lifestyle.

10. She is insecure: When a woman is unsure of herself, this is not sexy. Ladies, even if you are the most insecure person on the planet, you need to fake it until you make it or you are going to have a lot of trouble finding a compatible lover.