For men: Here're 4 ways to tell if your partner is faking orgasm

When it comes to sex, many, if not most, people would love to orgasm.

Couple in bed

It often happens that women fake their orgasm so as not to upset or jeopardize their relationship or sex life. They fake their facial expressions, pretending to be blown away by the man's sexual prowess.

However, it is your duty to see through it and make sure that she feels it for real. Try different things, positions, sex accessories, and hand movements to see what genuinely works.

So look out for these 4 ways which tell you if your partner is faking an orgasm.

  • You both 'come' at the same time

Sometimes it is possible that you both arrive at the same time but if this is happening frequently, then she is faking it. It is very difficult for women to come so orgasming together every time, is a facade for sure.

  • No contractions

When a woman is about to come, there are contractions. The pelvic muscles begin clenching and if you are inside, it is impossible to miss it unless you are too lost in your own world. If you do not feel it and she is making loud noises as if she is, she is lying.

  • No recovery time

If she has climaxed and it was glorious then she has to feel all spent out. So, in case she is casually checking her phone or is doing some other work, she is definitely faking it.

  • Reactions like porn

Are the reactions and actions similar to what you must have seen in some adult movies? Then it is very much possible that she is faking it to please you. The moaning and lip biting can sometimes be a lie.

If you are unable to make out the truth, simply ask her to guide you and help you so that you both enjoy the intimate time. Sex is for both partners, not just one.


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