For women: 6 best ways to compliment your man's sex skills

Sometimes the sex is so good that you want to go back-to-back.

Black couple.

If certain things give you unending pleasure when they come from your man, why not compliment him, so that he will get the motivation to do more?

Saying sweet and naughty stuff in bed can make him perform better. Sexual remarks kick men and boost their confidence because they feel indulged.

Letting your man know how you like his moves is a sure way to add to his sexual prowess. Note that what excites guys in bed could be different from what arouses women but the truth is every partner likes to hear praises for their performance. For women, sweet compliments and pampering work best while for men appreciation is the epitome of sexual pleasure.

If you’re looking to compliment your man’s skills in bed, here are some things that you can say to him.

  • You have amazing stamina

Your man is going to love this one! Telling your partner they have amazing stamina in bed is going to make them go harder in bed. He will try to perform even better at sex and make you orgasm with pleasure if you say this to him.

  • You have a big member

No matter the size of his manhood, a man will want to hear how big his penis(member) is. He will particularly love it when you are making love. Let him know that he is big down there and that you can’t resist it. He will give you an unforgettable night.

  • You are so good at doing this

If there is something that your man is particularly a pro at, make sure you compliment him for it. Whether it’s performing oral sex or going hard at the doggy position. When your man knows how good he is at doing something particular, he may get even better at it

  • Please don’t stop

No one wants to be cut short when things are getting hot in bed. You need to encourage your man to continue with what he is doing. Tell him not to stop the next time you have an intimate moment. Add some romantic moans as you tell him so. For some women, naughty talk doesn’t come so easily. If you are like them, you need a little practice. But until you find exactly what works for you, be ready to meet some awkward moments.

  • Nobody can make me feel the way you do

Telling your man that he is the best at what he does is an instant confidence and mood booster. He will definitely appreciate you complimenting him, especially since you are stressing about the fact that he is the best you have ever been with.

  • You are so hot

This is simple yet impactful. Telling your guy that he is so hot is definitely going to make him feel sexy, confident and handsome. This will boost his confidence and self-esteem and this will directly affect the sex you have with him, positively.

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