5 women tell us if they love men moaning during sex

Do women love it when their men moan? Pulse asked and here's what they said.

Do women like it when men moan, or is it a turnoff? [istockphoto]

One important aspect of sexual intercourse is sound. Moaning can improve the quality of sex drastically and even lead to more intense orgasms which in turn can improve the quality of your sex life.

Even though moaning has been viewed as a solely feminine thing, men also have to express their sexual pleasure through sounds but do women like it? If they do, how well do they like it, and how much of moaning from men do women really like?


The women we spoke with, like many others, agree that men's moans during sex adds an extra edge to the pleasure they have when making love.

But how exactly should men moan? As expected, the women had different ideas.

Here's how women want you to moan during intercourse:

"I like it when my man makes sounds, but it shouldn’t be a bitchy sound. He shouldn’t sound like me. To be honest, I would rather he talks dirty to me. I like that." -- Dorothy


"It shouldn’t be a soprano contest, I would prefer him to grunt or talk dirty, but I cannot imagine eerie silent sex. How else will I know he is enjoying himself?" -- Chioma

"Moaning makes me know he’s enjoying himself, but I want less ooh and ahh and more curse words and other obscenities like how he loves my body and whatever he is doing to me at that moment." -- Felicia


"I don’t mind moaning, but it should be minimal, I’d rather have him talk to me. It sounds weird if he’s making a lot of sounds, it’s very distracting." -- Diane.

"I love it when my man makes a lot of soft moans. A lot of ooh, aahs does a lot to me. It turns me on so much." -- Tiana


Studies have shown that stifling a moan prevents a person from reaching orgasm so it is important to be as expressive as possible - one has to ask if the sound made can be controlled without a measure of self consciousness?


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