How to battle sexual temptations and stay faithful

For the sake of your marriage, relationship, or just spiritual well-being, it's important to know how to battle sexual temptations.

Sexual temptation

When you cheat, you end up in a place you never wanted to be. Most people don’t set out to cheat on their spouse.

It all starts small. It begins with a thought that goes uncontested, perhaps even nurtured into a fantasy. Those thoughts grow into an attitude and then the attitude grows into a disposition. That disposition erodes boundaries and clouds our sense of right and wrong.

It is common to have sexual urges, unexpectedly at the wrong time and in the wrong place and we are left frustrated, irritated, and not knowing what to do.

So, to battle those urges, here are some practical ways that can help you control your sexual temptations.

  • Question your intent

When your mind wanders sexually (outside marriage) it is not pure sex that you seek. What you truly are looking for is that missing piece of the puzzle of your life. It could also be your subconscious way of dealing with something that has been bothering you for long. It could be a way of escapism as well. Figure out the root cause and work on that.

  • Consider the consequences

When you think of the object of desire, think about the consequences of your actions. If it is outside of your marriage and not your partner with whom you want to get involved, then question yourself honestly if this will hurt the relationship or not. What would the response be? How would it feel? If it ruins your marriage will you be okay with that?

  • Try some chores

Sometimes the sexual urge is so intense that no matter what the place is and the situation is, you just want to do it. The only way to distract yourself is by involving yourself in different chores. Hunt for some work, something that needs to be done and taken care of. This will be the only way that can help you deal with the frustration in that given moment.

  • Mediation and other effective methods

To control your urge at the wrong time and the wrong place, some ways have proven to be effective for some people. You can always meditate and practice mindfulness, concentrate on your breathing, go to the gym or any other form of exercise etc. This helps channel your energy for something else.

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