How to handle a partner who refuses to use condoms during sex

Struggling to put on a condom just when the foreplay gathers steam, can be a mood-killer.

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Mostly, men grumble and give you all sorts of reasons to avoid using a condom. But the importance of condoms has been underlined enough over the years as a prime step to practising safe sex.

The list of justifications a man might give you to avoid using a condom can be endless.

If you find yourself in a sticky spot where your partner simply refuses to wear a condom, here's what to do:

  • Use an assertive communication technique

Talk to your partner about using a condom before having sex. Asking a partner to use a condom could feel a little odd, but it’s so crucial to practice safe sex.

Be assertive in your communication and make sure your partner knows why a condom is necessary. Additionally, it’s not always a breach of trust to ask for the use of a condom. Try to avoid talking right before or during sex; instead, pick a time when neither of you are feeling tense.

  • Tell them about the advantages of wearing a condom

The best way to make your partner use a condom is by outlining the benefits of using it.

Emphasize the advantages of the use of condoms. As every couple wants to try various positions to avoid monotony, there’s a risk as some positions may cause infections to either partner.

  • Offer instead of insisting

Always carry condoms with you as during a passionate moment the act may go through and then it will be pointless to repent it. Hence, offer instead of insisting on the use of condoms by making them available. Also, be sure of your partner’s sexual history.

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