How to have the best sex if you live with your parents in the same house

Having sex when your parents are sleeping in the next room sounds absolutely awkward.

_Black couple in bed

Our parents want us to have children but they look at us in another way if they know we are having sex.

You and your wife or husband have to have sex, but is really awkward when you wake up and your parents give you a shameful look.

If you are in that situation too where you have parents in the next room and it is awkward for you to even mention anything related to sex, let alone standing very close to your partner then worry not, we have some tips that will help you out.

Scroll down to know these tips on having sex if you live in the same house with your parents.

  • Do it on the floor

Instead of the creaking bed, you could try having sex on the floor itself. Throw in a few blankets and some lush cosy pillows to make it cosy and comfortable. This prevents the squeaky sounds or the headboard banging and you can do it easily.

  • Add some background music

Just to avoid any awkward situation, it's best to play some background music.

You can turn on the radio or TV for the best cover-up. Just keep it real and normal so that it does not look out of place.

  • Do it in the bathroom

If your bathroom is in your room then bolt your room from inside and head to the bathroom for a hot one-on-one. You could make a routine where you wait for your parents to retire to their bedroom even if for an afternoon nap and then do it in the bathroom.

  • Try weekend trips

The best way to have fun, take it slow or experiment without meeting your parents in the hallway while you are at it, would be to take weekend trips.

Try a hotel in the corner of their city or any suitable place away from home. You could call it a night out at a friend’s place but go to the place instead.

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