How to plan a GH¢300 date in Accra

Looking for love comes at a price. But we've got the best idea for you to spend GH¢300 and have the perfect date.

Black couple on a date.

Let's first explain the date. According to an Oxford Language definition, 'Date is a social or romantic appointment or engagement.

So for the purpose of this conversation, we are going on a romantic date with a lady.

If you want to date, but don’t have an endless amount of cash to put toward it, you aren’t alone.

We don't agree with the popular conversation that 'love and poverty are far apart.' You can have a nice date without spending too much.

The economy is hard, and things are expensive but you can have pleasure without doing too much or spending too much.

How big do you have to go on your wedding day? This is a question no particular person can have an answer to. It is situation by situation and highly relative.

A conversation around spending GH¢300 for a date is always heated. There is 'or’ and ‘against’ with respect to the motion on the floor. While some think it's too small, others think it's enough.

Don’t be bothered if you’ve always planned to use money in the region of GH¢300 for your date because it is possible.

Here's how spending GH¢300 will be enough for a romantic date.

The best tip:

  • Make sure the lady likes you

No woman, I repeat, no woman who likes you and wants a relationship with you will complain on the date you go because you spent GH¢300 on the date. She will even appreciate it.

So my guy, open your eyes and see reality. If she doesn't like you, nothing will make her change her mind.

Just find the one who likes you. Spending GH¢300 will be enough and a very big deal to her.

  • Transport 

This is very important. To show the woman you are a true gentleman, you wouldn’t want to be doing troski for people to be rubbing their bodies on them. So the safest way to go is big a taxi or the digital taxis (Uber, Bolt or Yango).

Set aside about GH¢100 for both in and out. If you are picking the lady, you can do troski to the nearest location to her house, then you can order the ride from the location to her house and then off you go.

After the date, you can pick another ride for her and then pick a troski back to your house. If you have to take her back home, order a ride, take her home, and then pick your troski back home (who would even know you did)? Then hurray you have GH¢200 left to spoil her.

Beach date

You are likely not to spend too much money on a simple beach date. Here's how spending GH¢300 is possible:

Already, transportation is taking away GH¢100 leaving you with GH¢200. Here's how to spend it and have the best date:

Most beaches take gate fees before you can enter. So, set aside GH¢30 as a gate fee for both of you.

  • Food and drinks

At the beach, you will definitely eat. So you can order some fried chips with drinks or some rice with drinks. You can budget GH¢150 for both of you (probably GH¢80 for the lady and GH¢70 for you).

Here we go food and drinks are sorted.

Then you still have GH¢20gh left.

  • Miscellaneous 

No one knows what might happen. It’s always advisable to have money for an emergency. Anything can happen so keep that remaining GH¢20 for miscellaneous.

Ice cream date

GH¢300 should be enough for an ice cream date.

The transportation rule still holds here. GH¢100 should bring and send your date back home. If there is more to spend, you can also pick a ride home or the troski option is always available to you.

Then for ice cream, even if a scoop is GH¢10, you can have as many as 15 scoops for both of you, oh that should be enough for a date.

And then you can take some water.

Here, you can spend at most GH¢180 and then keep the remaining GH¢20 as miscellaneous.

If nothing happened, you can buy some ice cream for the road. It might be her way of saying ‘yes to your proposal.

You used a stone to kill two birds (a date pleasure and a girlfriend).

A walk in the garden or adventure

If you are going to a place like the Aburi Gardens for a walk from Accra, then your transportation is likely to change. It is more expensive transporting out of Accra so a budget of 150gh should be enough.

Then you can have 150gh remaining for your activities.

  • Gate/entrance fee

Reserve GH¢50 as the gate fee for both of you. It can either be for a place of adventure or a garden walk.

  • Food/drinks and water

You only have GH¢100 left so try as much as possible to buy something less expensive so that you get yourselves full before any adventure or a long walk. You don’t want the lady to think you didn’t give her enough food yet you want her to use all her energy while having time with you.

  • Miscellaneous 

It’s difficult saving some as miscellaneous but you can squeeze some GH¢10 from the budget for food and save it for the pocket. Maybe you can save your bottled water money and pocket it. When you are away from the lady, you buy some 50pesewas sachet water and chill your body.

Low-key restaurant

It’s a simple restaurant date. It’s not advisable to go to a restaurant that serves a plate of food for more than GH¢100.

  • Transportation 

Once again, the transportation rule should work here (a ride for the lady and troski for you).

  • Food and drinks 

For the GH¢200 remaining, you can spend about GH¢180 on food and drinks for both of you. Make sure you finish the food or bag the remaining back home. It can save you another day. GH¢180 can’t just go into the bin.

  • Miscellaneous 

The remaining GH¢20 is definitely for the unexpected time. At least to won’t be on a dry spell for an emergency.

Cook at home and invite your date over.

This is a nice way to have a date and the cost will be less.

  • Transportation 

This time, you are likely not to spend too much money on transportation but mind you, you have to give the lady a token to send home as transportation.

So, budget GH¢150 for this.

  • Food and drinks

You are in your home and comfortable. At least GH¢150 should be enough to cater for food and drinks for both of you.

Have all the best chat and enjoy yourselves.

You can use this opportunity to ask the lady out (what’s sexier to a lady than seeing a man make a delicious meal)?

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