How you should take advantage of the Coronavirus season to get married to that soul mate

In the scare of coronavirus (COVID 19), people who planned to marry within the season have been either forced to cancel their wedding dates or better still postponed it until further notice.

How you should take advantage of Coronavirus season to get married that soul mate

In my opinion, this shouldn't be so, of course, there is enough money to throw out that lavish wedding reception with all the amazing cake, food and drinks. Not forgetting the nice decorations in that beautiful garden.

But how about saving the money for your future as a family?

Coronavirus scare should not stop your wedding, here's how to plan your marriage while taking advantage of the season and spending less.

Your living room could be the best place for the ceremony


In a pure Ghanaian setting, traditional weddings are done in the living rooms, so, you would not be the first. On the contrary, it saves you from renting a whole garden, hence, saving you from spending a huge sum of money for the wedding venue.

Invite a few family and friends

The whole world should not witness your wedding ceremony before you can be certified as a married couple. Few family and friends can be your witness. Where your room can accommodate 20 people i.e. 10 from both sides then it's fine, if not at least ten family and friends are enough.

With this, you do not necessarily need wedding invitation cards. Just get invite them by way of mouth and trust me, they will understand.

Invite your Reverend Minister to your house and then the whole ceremony can be done.


No need for a party

Be cautious that we are social distancing ourselves from all social gatherings following President Akufo-Addo’s directives.

You neither need a DJ nor any huge gadgets for music. Your little home theatre is enough with some cool music from your phone and hey the ceremony is done.

No need for a Dubai honeymoon

Most flights across the world are on hold. Why would you then have to plan a Dubai or Johannesburg honeymoon? Stay home, cook for each other and enjoy every moment with your spouse and trust me all the money you could spend on that lavish wedding can be saved for future used.


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