10 mistakes you're making while kissing

Avoid too much saliva

Without a doubt, it's a part and parcel of a relationship when it comes to physical contact. Locking lips with someone you love or like is pretty much the first step into initiating sex or love making. A simple kiss can turn you on like mad and take you into a wild trance. You know the kind of kisses that get so sensual that you can feel your clitoris begin to tingle a bit and you start undressing slowly? Yeah, those kind. Lol.

But...But! Are you giving your partner the most sensual kiss or you're a terrible kisser and you have no clue? There's nothing as gross as a bad kiss so let's comb through kissing mistakes you should avoid so that you can end up being an Uh-mazing kisser.

So, without blabbering on, here are are kissing mistakes that make you look like a rookie.

1. Opening your mouth too much or not opening it enough.

2. Being too agressive.

Chill with the aggression, you're not licking a can of yogurt boss, nice and sensual is how it's supposed to be. Sure, you can bite the lip a bit and all that but do it moderately not like the world is coming to a screeching end.

3. Not closing your eyes, that's just creepy bro.

4. Not using the rest of your body such as hands.

Imagine kissing someone with hands akimbo lol. Use your hands, rub his back, massage his hair, feel his face, his chest. Gents, grab her butt, her neck, lift her up...you know? Be creative.

5. Using too much saliva.

I really hate kisses that leave you too wet especially if the person's saliva has a bit of a smell.

6. And speaking of smells, your breath needs to be great.

If you have just eaten garlic and onions, you may want to have a mint before you kiss someone.

7. Making too many sounds or not making any sound at all.

Listen, this is not the time to snort in the little mucus running down your nose or make slurp-y wet noises with your tongue. It's a turn off. You can however, moan a little, not too much, just enough.

8. Forgetting to breathe.

Kissing doesn't mean you should forget abut all your other bodily functions like breathing and swallowing saliva.

9. Not changing the kissing pattern.

If you're doing the same thing over and over, it's boring. Switch things up a little, move from the lips to the tongue. Suck on one lip, switch to the other, bite it a little go back to tongue, suck the tongue a bit. Take in both lips, use your finger and slowly run it on his lips as you look him into the eye for instance before getting back to kissing, get creative.

10. Having lips that look like this.

Urgh exfoliate. Chapped lips are neither soft nor sexy to look at let alone kiss.


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