Bill Keena and Susan Croft met as teenagers and fell deeply in love with each other, the pair have been together since then, except for one thing - they aren't married.

60-yr-old Keena had proposed to 58-yr-old Croft 41 years ago but the couple are yet to walk down the aisle despite having  four children and 14 grandchildren.

Bill has never failed to tell Susan how much he loves her despite not being married and no sign of the couple having a wedding anytime soon.

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The retired labourer from Barnsley, South Yorkshire, said: “Something happened. I suppose we were short of money.

“We just put the wedding off, the weeks turned into months – and time slipped by.

“Before we knew it the months had slipped into years. The children came along and, although we always intended to get married, it never happened.

“We talked about it and sat down and planned things but somehow something always cropped up and it delayed us. It really is incredible when you sit down and realise how the years have flown by.

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I always wanted a white wedding but I suppose it’s a bit late for that now

“But there’s no doubting our love for one another. I love her now more than ever.”

Susan - a care worker said she had dreams of having a lavish wedding ceremony and despite the delay, she hasn't given up hope on becoming Mrs Keena.

With three heart attacks in four years along with a chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and emphysema, Bill has pushed down any hope of having a wedding soon.

He said: “Susan always wanted a white wedding and it’s never happened.

"But what really matters is that we have always loved one another.

“Every single night before I go to sleep I kiss Susan three times. I don’t know why it’s three times but it’s something I always do and I always will.”

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Susan who is obviously disappointed by the situation is still hopeful that some miracle would happen soon.

She told Express reporters, “I always wanted a white wedding but I suppose it’s a bit late for that now.

“Bill was an absolute gentleman and still is. He proposed and we always intended to get married but the children came alone and we pushed it to the back of our minds.

“I did have an engagement ring but I lost that a few years ago. It doesn’t really matter because I have never stopped loving Bill.”

Susan continued, “He had to give up his job as a labourer because of his health problems but he’s still my rock despite everything.

“Bill just takes things in his stride and every day he tells me that he loves me. We are as close today as we were all those years ago when we were just kids.”