• Missionary is an idea sex position for every woman. However, plus sized women will need some pillows. A number of pillows depend on the weight of partners.

The woman just has to place an under her her buttocks until her womanhood is at an angle where penetration is easy.

In a kneeling position, balance on your hands and do your duty as a man. Take things slowly and rub her body whilst doing so. The idea here is to make this very pleasurable rather than chore-like.

This position is great no matter what size you are  unless of course you weigh so much that you can't walk to the fridge without getting winded.

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  • The woman being the dominate is considered hard if both have big tummies but to get the best orgasm of your life, place a pillow under your own buttocks and she can take her designated mark.

While on top, she should lean back and place her weight on her hands whilst using her feet to motion herself up and down on your hot rod. Once you achieve a rhythmic coordination, you'll wonder why you didn't let her do this from the start.

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As well, the woman can ride the man in the reverse way; you can bend your knees and she can simply turn around, and voilà. She's better off squatting in this position, but because it requires very strong legs, perhaps she can just grind her body back and forth against your member. This is great for clitoral stimulation.

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  • To spice up your sex life,  lift her legs up and place them on your shoulders whilst in the missionary position. Again, you can use the pillows. Be comfortable since you're going to be in the said position for a little while.

As well, ensure that she's safely positioned and not struggling or trying her best to avoid placing her weight on you. Through her body language, you'll be able to tell if she's enjoying it or feels like she's about to pull a hamstring.

While penetrating her, rub her legs gently and slowly grind in and out. Turn your head to the side and kiss her ankles, hold on to her thighs, or lift her butt with your hands whilst doing your sexy thing.