How to find true love?

You are not going to meet the man of your dreams sitting and watching TV in your lounge!


If you’ve been looking for true love, but only ever seem to find heartbreak, or shallow relationships, then that might have started to make you believe that there is no one out there who is right for you. Of course, that simply cannot be true, there are millions of people of the world and Mr Right is waiting for you somewhere. Could it be that you are trying too hard and putting guys off? Or could it be that you are just giving out the wrong messages? Well, don’t give up looking, because we’ve got ten great tips that will help you find the love of your life.

1. Forget the past

This is one of the most important tips on how to find true love. If you are carrying around the baggage of past relationships with you, then that will be affecting the way that you behave in current relationships. Forget the fact that other people might have let you down, that doesn’t mean that the next guy will. You will have to let your guard down and let people get close to you, if you really want to find true love.

2. Don’t rush things

Your desire to find the man that is right for you could be what is stopping you from doing just that. Take your time with relationships and don’t make the guy feel like he is being rushed into making a commitment. Take things slowly and give it time for you to get to know each other and, if it is right, it will happen naturally. You can’t force a person to love you and you can’t force the pace that it will happen.

3. Check your body language

It could be that you are so keen to find love that you are coming across as being very nervous when you go on dates. Have a think about what your body language might be saying about you. Are you sitting with your hands tightly clasped and your shoulders tensed? Relax and try and adopt a more open posture. That will let more of your femininity come through, which is what will make you more attractive to a man.

4. Be yourself

This is another great tip on how to find true love. Don’t put on an act and try to impress guys, just be you. You might be worried that if you show your true colours you will scare him away, but that is not going to be the case. You want somebody to love you for whom you are, not what you have made them believe you are. If you pretend to be something different, guys will see through it anyway and think that you are hiding something.

5. Don’t write guys off too quickly

Unless the guy turns out to have two heads, a bad case of body odour and he treats you like he doesn’t care, don’t just write guys off straight away. You can’t judge people by a list that you may have of ideal attributes and you can’t expect someone to tick all the boxes. Unless he is a 100% turnoff, give it two or three dates before you finally make up your mind about him.

6. Go out and look for love

You are not going to meet the man of your dreams sitting and watching TV in your lounge! You have to meet a guy, before he can fall in love with you. So, our next tip on how to find true love is to go out to parties, join an online dating site, and tell all your friends that you are looking for a relationship. You never know where you will meet your Mr Right, but he certainly isn’t just going to fall in your lap one day!

7. Don’t become exclusive too soon

Unless you have both agreed to it, you shouldn’t need to make a relationship exclusive straight away. When you meet a guy who you think is right for you, don’t instantly cut off all your other options, until you are sure about him. We’re not suggesting that you play games, or you cheat, but don’t make one man everything in your life, until you are both sure that you want to commit.

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