Dear Bukky,

I don't know how this sounds but I and my boyfriend have been discussing sexting for a while now to no avail.

In my previous relationship, I and my ex used to sext a lot and I really liked it.

I still do, but every time I tried to initiate it with my present boyfriend, he clamped up and ended the chats by looking for excuses to get out.

I finally had to talk to him about it and he says he just can not, that it's not right. We have argued and argued about it but I have not been able to convince him.

I know this might sound unimportant and an unserious matter, but means quite a big deal to me as I really enjoy enjoy doing it and I think it's a way of creating even a better bond between partners.

Could you please educate me on this, am I right to desire this thing, or could it be wrong for partners to engage in sexting?

I'll appreciate a response to this, please, as I intend to forward the response to him, even if it does not favour me.



Dear reader,

Sexting is not a bad thing as far as I'm concerned; it has never been a bad thing and won't ever be.

However, that answer can not be taken in isolation. Here is what I mean; if for instance you are sexting with another person other than your partner, then it is of course wrong.

Not to deviate too far, like I said, sexting is not a bad thing and it indeed brings partners more intimacy and adds an extra sexual edge to the relationship or marriage.

However, romantic relationships are about compromise and understanding, and this is very important for you and your partner at this stage.

I think your partner might need to relax his stance a bit. If he has closed up his mind to sexting because he thinks it's a bad thing, then I think you should get him to read this post.

Furthermore, I'll advise patience on your part in getting him to ease into the act of sexting.

If he decides to give sexting a try, he'll be new to it and you are obviously more experienced than him, so be patient enough to guide and ease him into the act as smoothly and gently as possible.

I hope you both find this answer useful.


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