Dear Bukky,

My boyfriend doesn’t sext me, but I have caught him sexting on chat sites. Why not with me and with strangers?


Dear reader,

Talk to him about it. I think this shouldn’t be more difficult than it really has to be.

Deal with it by asking him why he does not sext with you. Make him know that you do not mind that.

It is actually possible that he is avoiding this type of conversation with you because he fears you may not like it. By speaking to him about it, telling him it's fine to sext and talk dirty with you and actually angling yourself in a manner that encourages him to be free enough to explore this option with you, you may find that what you think is an issue might actually be none at all.

On the flipside, you could find out, after your conversation with him, that he is doing it out of utter selfish interests that has nothing to do with you.

In any case, you have to tell him to desist from it immediately and if he refuses to listen to you, I see no reason why you should continue being with him.

I’m guessing you do not like being with cheating men; because that is what he is doing by have those intimate sexual conversations with other woman.


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