Wedding cakes are of great significance. In most traditions, the wedding cake signifies fertility and good fortune.

Just like every other wedding item, cake trends come and go. Over the years tiers, flowers, toppers have changed, what is next?

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Within the 30s and the 50s tier cakes with flowers at every corner ruled. The tier/flower pattern was used by Queen Elizabeth and  Prince Phillips during their wedding ceremony in 1947.

The tiers gradually reduced from the 1950s through the years. That did not stop actress and Princess of Monaco, Grace Kelly's cake from being a six-tiered cake in 1956.

The 35th American president, John F. Kennedy, in 1953 started the no-space-tier cake.

In the 1970s, tiers reduced and toppers took over. Princess Diana's wedding cake.

The 90s rolled in with flowers everywhere while the 00s was accompanied by naked cakes.

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