Open relationship? Here's what it means if your partner asks for such relationship

One of the common types of relationships people are opting for lately is an open relationship. But what does it entails?


Having an open relationship can work really well for some people but not for other.

A relationship in which both partners have the freedom to explore sexual and/or romantic relationships with other people is mostly known as an open relationship.

While it may be good, it can be tricky to navigate as well.

It can be done, but only with guidelines in place and it certainly isn’t for everyone. Curious? Here are some things you need to know:

What is an open relationship?

In an open relationship, people are free to explore sexual experiences outside of their main partners. And because there is consent, these relationships are not considered cheating.

Relationships can be open both in terms of love and sex and they can be long or short-term. But generally speaking, an open relationship usually consists of a couple discussing an arrangement, agreeing to review it, and continuing to have conversations about it.

How open relationship works

In an open relationship, there is no one arrangement or style that works for everyone. Every couple must figure out what their own relationship will look like.

Specific rules and parameters always vary. Most couples, however, agree on guidelines, which often centre around the gender of any potential partners, safer sex practices, and communication before or after any date.

Are open relationships healthy?

An open relationship’s health usually boils down to how it is handled. If it is with love, integrity, and kindness to one another, then it might be term as healthy.

It’s also crucial that all parties involved are honest and communicative about their desires and encounters.

If one or more parties don’t have all the information and therefore aren’t consenting in an informed way, the relationship(s) could be said to be unhealthy.

What you need to consider

Look at the bigger picture first: If you feel uncomfortable, realise your relationship isn’t as great as you thought it was, or can’t even stomach the thought of your partner with someone else, an open relationship might not be right for you.

In the end, it’s crucial that you remember why you’re with your partner and how to treat them with respect. It will inform your decision to whether go in for such a relationship or not.

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