8 situations you should never put your child in

Parents should avoid saying to their kids in order to avoid hurting their feelings.

2. I am disappointed in you

There is always hope for a bright future. Don’t lose faith in them for one wrong deed. Don’t forget that they are already feeling bad for their act so speaking such harsh words adds to their pain.

3. You make me mad

The number one job of a parent is to stay calm no matter what happens. Aside from the fact that we usually say things we later regret when we're angry or frustrated, staying calm also models for our children how we want them to behave.

4. Don’t eat that or you will get fat

As a parent, it’s part of your responsibility to give your child a delicious and healthy diet.  During a family day out, children might want to eat some food on the menu that will add few pounds to their weight. Don’t focus on the negative perception of their weight; it hurts their self –esteem. Allow them to have fun, enjoy the moment and educate them on healthy diet later.

5. Stop crying right now

Sometimes you just have to let them cry. Sometimes, that is the only option. It's important to allow children to cry and show their emotions and frustrations.

They need to know it is okay to feel happy, sad, angry, or whatever. Besides, we would never tell an adult to stop crying, so why should we say it to children?.

6. You’re so lazy

Don’t ever tell your child that he or she is lazy. Children often have legit reasons why they aren't able to accomplish what's being asked of them. Stop attacking your child's self-esteem and self-worth with this statement. Sometimes, we all need a little motivation or helping hand to execute a task.

7. Why do I have to tell you everything 100 times?

Nagging never works. Yelling or shouting repeatedly at your child doesn’t mean he or she will listen to you. If you want your child to be obedient and do what’s expected of him or her rethink of your communication strategy.

8. You live under my roof, you must follow my rules

Good parents shouldn’t threaten to throw their child out of their home regardless of what they have done. Such comments disturb the child emotionally and  they develop hatred towards you. Learn to solve family issues amicably and maintain peace in your home.


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