If you are a music lover then you have probably heard and jammed to ‘Angelina’ by Ghanaian musician group, ‘Praye’.

Among the group of three talented men includes Praye Tietie who is married to TV host and actress, Selly Galley.

The adorable couple has been married for 4 years now. They tied the knots in a beautiful traditional ceremony followed by a star-studded white wedding. 

After 4 beautiful years of marriage, the spark in their relationship continues to blossom each day.

At the just-ended 40th birthday of Musician, Praye Tietie, his lovely Selly organised and coordinated the ceremony beautifully and couldn’t take her eyes off her significant others.

Amidst all the divorce cases and rumours that celebrities have a bad rep of keeping the relationships for long, this couple has stand firm through thick and thin and vowed to stay together till eternity.

Here are 5 lovely photos of Selly Galley-Fiawoo and Praye Tietie.