Check out these photos from Becca's bachelorette party

The bachelorette party of Becca was like no other.

Forget the naughty-shaped cake, the bachelorette sash, male stripper dancers, and have a distinct yet fun-filled and classy bachelorette party like what sensational singer,Becca had.

The African Woman hitmaker, Becca, and Oluwatobi Sanni-Daniels tied the knots in a star-studded traditional ceremony on Saturday, August 18, 2018, in Accra, Ghana.

It looks like the social media euphoria around her incredible love journey is not flaming out any soon as exclusive photos from her bachelorette party just popped up online.

Actress Zynell Zuh was the one to have opportune our sights to these lovely bachelorrete party photos. She shared these pictures on her instagram page with the caption:

"Girls just wanna have fun!!! Becca's Bachelorette party big day, there a was bachelorette tea parrrtaaaaaayyyyy!!!’ Oh what a night!!!It was alll sorts of fun!!!! "

With all the guest dressed in stunning red dresses cranked with fascinators on their head including Zynell herself. The newly wedded bride was also cladded in a beautiful white dress with a lovely red fascinator on her head.

A bachelorette party is also referred to as a ‘hen Party’ is a little(most a times)  celebration held for a woman who is about to get married. These parties are held prior to the wedding typically attended by the girlfriends of the bride.


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