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Coming up with a perfect date can be hard to execute especially when you are strapped for cash. But the good news is, love doesn’t cause a thing. You don’t need dollar bills to have a memorable moment with your love.

If you’re dating on a budget, try looking for free activities and available discounts. You can also plan a night in or enjoy nature together. brings 5 cheap date ideas she would totally love.

1. Take advantage of discount times of exciting locales and services

Discount services like Groupon and Living Social can be a great resource for dating on a budget. You can get cheaper tickets, two for one deal, discounted gift cards, and other budget-savers via these sites.

2. Go on a picnic

Picnics are the classic but absolutely low budget date. You don’t have splurged on a fancy blanket and basket. Instead, use what you have to create a great meal outside. You can use a regular blanket, or look for a picnic table at your local park. Pack a lunch or choose something cheap from the premade section of the grocery store.

3. Have beers on the beach

A laid-back and casual atmosphere prevails by the beach, as the waves lap against the shore or some good looking rocks – depending on where you decide to sit.

4. Movie Night

There is nothing more romantic than a movie house date and amazingly it takes only Netflix, Popcorn and probably carbonated drinks to work that magic, How cool. You can invite her into your home and square the moments with a romantic movie and serve her to a chilled glass of soda and popcorn to create the perfect fun date you want.

5. Hit the dance floor

You don’t have to be a great dancer to have a dance date. In fact, for this one, it’s probably better if you don’t know how to dance. Dance classes for beginners at your local dance locales are cheap (or free!), easy, and are a fun way to feel a little foolish in front of each other.