Having quality sex in the bedroom is perfect but sometimes you need to be adventurous and do it in crazy places.

We've compiled quite the list of steamy spots to help you spice up your sex life.

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  • Beach sex

Beach sex is very romantic especially for couples in a long-distance relationship. New environment makes the love making memorable and give couples to the urge to try new positions.

Stick to getting busy on land, since salt water can really dry out the skin in your nether regions.

  • In front of a mirror

This is recommended for couples who are always juggling between work and parenting.

Make every little moment spent together intimate and fun. You can try the doggy style in front of a mirror.

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  • In the shower

The best place to have makeup sex is in the shower. Be creative and introduce new things like sex toys and give your partner the best orgasm ever.

  • At an event

Spontaneous sex always makes a difference in your sex life. Sneak off unnoticed, find a spot and text your partner to meet you during a public event. Have the best quickie of your life and head home afterward to around phase.

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  • On the stairs

Explore new places in your home to have mind-blowing sex when the kids are not around. Having sex in the same room becomes boring especially when you engage in the same position.

Be adventurous and try daring positions on the staircase, on top of the washing machine or in the garden.