7 reasons why Ghanaian women moan during sex

The pleasure you get from sex can cause an audible and involuntary response.

  • She moans because she can’t help it

Most women admit moaning during sex happens naturally. Moaning is an involuntary action. Just as people scream or shout someone pours hot water on them or when to hurt themselves, moaning comes with sex.

  •  She moans to

Some women moan during sex when they are enjoying the act. It’s signal for the man to continue whatever he is doing and possible delay ejaculations.

Men cannot deny that hearing their partner moan is a big sexy form of encouragement which drives them to do better in bed.

  • She moans to help her man become “harder”

The sound of female sex moans is just erotic to a man’s ears. Hearing it instantly makes his erection harder for her benefit.

  • She moans because it helps her make sex feel good

In some cases, women are turned on by the sound of their own moans. Women unconsciously encourage moaning by their own pleasure center in order to enjoy sex better.

  • She moans because

Moaning isn’t just a sign of pleasure. Some people moan because of the pain or discomfort. The man must ask the woman during the intercourse if she is really enjoying it or he has to change the position.

  • She can fake a moan to wrap up the whole session

Generally, some women can only handle a good 15-20 minutes of intercourse and any longer hurts. if the man takes too long, and she feels her natural lubricant dry up, she definitely uses this tactic.

  • She moans because silent sex is just awkward

Loving making or sex without some drama is awkward and less enjoyable. Moaning is just a part of the whole ritual. Sex would feel rather unusual if she didn’t vocalize.


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