7 ways to get a Ghanaian guy to commit

Guys can tell when you are fake. If you want him to commit to you and only you, be yourself.

  • Be yourself

Put all your cards on the table, love goes beyond physical appearance. Don’t try to trick any to be in a relationship with you.

  • Be fun

Guys like to stick around girls who are outgoing, free spirited, fun and very jovial. The more you have fun with guys, they more they will like you.

He will spend less time with his friends and give you all the attention you need. He’ll latch on to you if you’re always up to go do something exciting.

  • Be good to him

Not offensive but guys are like babies. They always want to be with people who treat them well; pampers them and bring out the best in them.


They need kindhearted women to courage them to overcome their obstacles and challenges. If you treat a guy well and he will make you the happiest woman in the world.

When he sees how respectful and kind you are as a partner, he’ll want to stick around.

  • Be grateful for the things he does for you

Everyone needs a little motivation to continue their good works. You have to be thankful for the little things he does for you. If you show him sincere gratitude, he is likely to do more things for you.

  • Have meaningful discussions

Guys always yearn to have a deep and intellectual conversation with their women about everything. If you have to get your guy to commit, you must start reading and listen to the news to get the latest gist of things happening in Ghana and beyond.

  • Stop nagging

The more you nag a guy about committing, the less likely it is that he’ll do it. Not only is it really annoying to you, but he’ll be more and more put off.

When you nag, he only imagines you doing that for basically everything for the entirety of your relationship. He won’t want to be with someone like that. Lay off and follow these other tips to get him to commit.

  • Show him you’re committed

You must do things for the world to see that you’re madly in him if you want him to take you to the altar.

Guys are just as insecure as you are, especially if he really likes you. But if he knows that you’re going to commit and be exclusive to him, he’ll feel a lot better about doing the same. So make sure he knows how you feel.


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