Sex schedule: Here's why this may not be a bad idea at all

People think scheduling takes all the fun out of sex. But that may not be the case at all.

Couple in bed

Scheduling sex can feel like a chore or a checklist item if couples show up at a predetermined time, whether they’re in the mood for sex or not.

But if your life has gotten busy and the initial passion has rubbed off, it will help you to be more intentional about physical intimacy.

Here are some best ways to go about sex scheduling:

  • Schedule the opportunity for sex

Start with it this way, instead of scheduling your sex, why not schedule the opportunity for sex?

Rather than say no, just because you’re not in the mood right now, try something that will put you both in the mood.

Try messing around a little. You may find yourself getting more interested in sexual activity. Some percentage of the time, you’ll likely end up wanting sex when you would not have had that desire if you hadn’t gotten started.

  • Enjoy the journey without focusing on the destination

So many people are focused on sex and orgasm that they have forgotten how to enjoy the pleasure and connection they can have in all their physical interactions. If you have approached sexual intimacy with an expectation about sex or reaching climax, you may be bypassing the wonder of all the other parts of the process.

  • Scheduling demonstrates commitment

When life has taken over, when you’re busy with kids or careers, when you’ve progressed past the early sexual rush in your relationship, and especially when at least one of you has reactive sexual desire, it’s important to prioritize your sex life by dedicating time to it.

Scheduling opportunities to be sexual is so important; it demonstrates a commitment to investing in your relationship.

  • You can still be spontaneous

Remember that you can still have spontaneous encounters, too.

Just because you have a schedule doesn't mean it's strict. You can definitely have time in between. You get to enjoy more pleasure and connection

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