16 emotional photos that capture the beauty of weddings

Several photographers were asked to submit the most touching wedding moments they have ever experienced.


Weddings are special moments and every photographer behind the camera at any wedding has a story to tell by capturing those emotional moments behind that big day.

Several photographers were asked by Huffington Post to submit the most touching wedding moments they have ever experienced.


The selected photos were simply amazing ...get your tissues ready so you won't be caught off guard when you start tearing up right in the middle of looking at the pictures and reading the emotional stories of these wedding photographers.

Check out the photos below:

"The bride and groom both lost siblings within a few years of each other. It was an overcast day in late June and even rained a tiny bit during family portraits. Later in the day, a stunning rainbow appeared in a sky lit up with an orange sunset. Many guests burst into tears and embraced the bride and groom, telling them it was their brother and sister showing their presence at the wedding." - Anna Delores

"Jazell and Paul's wedding has got to be the one with the most emotional bridesmaids. Most of the time, one or two tear up, but almost every one of Jazell's girls cried that day when she was reciting her vows." - Jenn Tai

"I've seen a lot of brides cry as they are walking down the aisle, but Luna lit up in a way that I had never seen before. I have truly never witnessed a happier, more beaming bride as she locked eyes with Federico. Her joy made me choke up because it was so palpable!" - Bre Thurston


"All the bridesmaids and the mother of the bride and groom gathered around this sweet bride and prayed over her. It was so genuine, sweet and powerful. The fact that each person took the time to say their own little prayer made it so personal." - Nicole Moering

"Janine’s fiancé died 52 days before her wedding. This is the first time in my professional career I was asked to photograph a wedding where only one person was actually going to be showing up. I cried with her on this shoot day and this was a first for me. I really admire her courage and know she inspired thousands and thousands of people." - Matt Adcock

"The bride, Kelsey, planned a special moment for her dad to see her for the first time on her wedding day. While I photographed the two of them, her mom tried to stay out of my way. But when I saw her excitement, I knew I had to capture it." - Laura Zastrow

"Natalia and Mike are high school sweethearts who have been together for 10 years! This emotional moment was captured just before he turns around to see her in her wedding dress for the first time." - Lisa Robinson

"Davis Ann's grandfather was buried at the same church she was getting married at in New Bern, North Carolina. Before the ceremony, under dark clouds of a large passing storm, she took a single flower to place on his grave stone. Afterwards, her hand rose to her face for a brief second when I heard a faint but audible gasp, before she began to weep." - Hooman Bahrani


"The groom giving praise during the ceremony." - Ross Oscar Knight

"We think it's important to capture the first time the bride and groom see each other. However, as a father and photographer, this is the one photo that I MUST have: when the dad sees his daughter before the wedding." - Brian Mullins

"The father of the bride passed away shortly before the wedding day. So the bride did a dance with her brothers and uncles." - Mike Allebach

"The couple wrote their own vows for the ceremony. The groom went to comfort his bride during her vows because she started to cry." - Heather Shelley

"After a wedding ceremony at the Naval Academy, a bride and her groom decide to run towards the sun in a moment of spontaneity and joy!" - Jeremy Harwell


"This groom shared a special moment with his grandfather - whom he was named after - during the reception. It is one of the couple's favorite photos from the wedding day." - Duy Ho

"This intense moment happened seconds before Mary Shawn walked down the aisle with her father Joe. They were both very emotional and nervous, a moment this father and daughter will surely never forget!" - Tracey Buyce

"The groom's father had passed away 11 years ago. They had the memorial flag that he had earned as a Navy veteran flying over at the reception. Right at sunset, everyone gathered as the bride, groom and family members lowered and folded the flag. The ceremony was their way of sharing his presence with everyone." - Katie Kaizer


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