5 smart ways to snoop on your spouse

Recall Angela, a character from the award winning movie ‘Why did i get married’? she was a smart/proud snooper. she knew her husband to his heart rate per minute.


Snoop or don’t snoop? This question was trending for weeks thanks to ‘Toke Makinwa,’ well snooping isn’t really paranoia, sometimes the act is triggered by lies.

So yes you should snoop, but wisely, because spying is not a crime till you are caught.

You can call her crazy, but it's all for fun…. who needs a boring marriage anyway?

Check out 5 cool ways to snoop on your partner;


1. Binoculars - Why get caught checking his phone when you can buy a binoculars and snoop from afar? this will be useful when bae, says he is going few blocks away to watch the game with the guys. well you can check on him from time to time.

2. Camera glasses - They are meant for spy’s.. and guess what you are a spy now. this will snap, record audio and videos, without the victim knowing, lady Gaga knows this too...

3. - yes, they are perfect for snooping stylishly, from reading glasses to sunglasses. while on his phone, wear them and set your eyes to 4 O’clock. Trust me you can see almost anything and still pretend like you are far away in thoughts.

4. Security cameras - He doesn’t need to know, set it in angles with least attention like his alarm clock, shoe rack, reading lamp etc. or gift him a 'spying alarm clock.'

5. Hire a PI - This is not necessary but if you can’t utilize 1-4, then hire someone who will follow him around and report back to you.


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