The best guide to keeping the lust alive in your marriage

If your husband or wife starts to feel more like your roommate or sibling, then you know that it is time to switch things up.


The first year of marriage may be your honeymoon phase, but as the years pass and your marriage near the completion of a decade together; some couples confess that their relationship tends to stagnate.

If your husband or wife starts to feel more like your roommate or sibling, then you know that it is time to switch things up.

After all, feeling sexually liberated and enjoying a few moments of passion is critical to a happy married life.

So, here’s a guide to keeping the lust alive in your marriage.

  • Start by getting them to notice you

Have you had the same hairstyle for a while now? Or perhaps your wardrobe choices are leaning toward a practical and safe ‘mum style’ rather than the modish little minx you could be dressing as. Allow yourself to rediscover your own sense of style by perhaps getting a chic new outfit or even an appointment for a stylish cut and colour session at your salon. A refreshing change in the way you look can boost your confidence and even help your partner take more notice of you.

  • Vow to experiment a little in bed

Just as people tire of the same diet or wearing the same clothes over and over, they also crave novelty in bed. If you have been sticking to a few tried and tested methods of pleasure, convey your interest in experimenting with new things to your partner. You may have a lot of fun exploring together.

  • Surprise them with toys or lingerie

Right from edible lingerie to kinky toys, there are innumerable ways to please your spouse in the boudoir. Take your relationship to the next level by being open to new things and introduce some spice in your moments of intimacy.

You may not feel the lust all day or every day, but you should still feel attracted to your spouse and have an emotional connection to them. Use this guide to feel closer to your mate as you have forever to go!

  • Try taking a dance class together

While physical intimacy has its place in your marriage, you must also ensure you are emotionally close with your mate. Taking a new hobby class together is a great way to ensure you have similar interests even as the years roll by. Salsa dancing or tango can help you connect with each other emotionally and physically so that you have sparks flying between you in no time at all!

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