In modern times, weddings are more than just fashion and food. Every little detail is very important if you want your wedding to beat the test of time and most importantly become the talk of the town.

From the stationery to the decor and set up, menu to the ushers, MC to the DJ, photography to videographer, the wedding planner has to be very meticulous and creative because originality is the key in this era of social media.

In a couple of photos circulating online, a beautiful couple took their photoshoot to another level before and after the traditional wedding.

Dress in a stunning kente fabric, the gorgeous bride with an impeccable hair goal and her groom looking ethereal standing in front of bone shaker.

In another photo, the groom was spotted on the front seat of the bus while the groomsmen cheered on the bridesmaids dancing beautifully in their African apparel.

Check out the photos below: