Here are 5 sure ways to not be overly-attached to your boo

Don't be too clingy.

Being overly close may upset the balance in your relationship [Source: Elite Daily]

At that point, cancelling plans with friends in order to hang out with the guy or the babe would look like the perfect thing to do, and that’s just about right. There is so much to learn about each other, there’s still a giddy feeling to the who whole thing and you want to feel every of it. And it’s OK.

At some point though, wanting to hang out that much, or spend that inordinate amount of time together will no longer make sense. After the honeymoon phase of your relationship, you will be required to come back down to a reasonable level of attachment; a healthy kind of need to be with the love of your life.

This is necessary so that one or both of you don’t start feeling choked, resentful or stuck. To ensure that being overly-attached does not become a problem in your relationship, here are steps to take:

1. Fill your days with activities

The busier you are, the better for you. It makes the time spent with your partner more meaningful, more intentional and not punctuated with awkward silences where there is nothing to say.

Go out there and pursue your own goals, productive activities and other things that interest you and really matter to you.

2. Let people have their space

Too much closeness can put a strain on the relationship and no one surely wants to suffocate in a relationship. Give them the breathing space required to pursue other necessary relationships, hone needed skills, and do more in other aspects of their existence.

It’s incredibly important to trust your partner. If you don’t trust him or her, then it will be impossible to let your partner have the space to be who he or she really is.

4.   Nurture other friendships

Good friendships provide an avenue to explore life in other rewarding dimensions, away from your partner. Finding happiness in other spaces and other forms outside of your relationship can only be good for your relationship.

5. Self confidence

People with more self-confidence are less likely to cling to others as a way of validating themselves.

Self-confidence can go a long way in ensuring that you feel good in a relationship. If you respect and love yourself, it makes it that much easier for others to do the same.


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