Unbelievable benefits of morning sex and how to get it on

You know what’s also a great way to start your day? Having morning sex!

Unbelievable benefits of morning sex and how to get it on

There’s no denying that one of the best parts of waking up is downing that fresh cup of coffee. But you know what’s also a great way to start your day? Having morning sex.

That’s right — getting busy when you first wake up has all the benefits of drinking coffee and more. Morning sex helps ease you into your workday. It can boost your energy levels and relieve stress. Having an orgasm definitely improves your mood. And, best of all, you bond with your partner.

To be honest, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t incorporate morning sex into your daily schedule. Read on to learn why.

Science agrees: Morning sex is where it’s at. That’s because:

  • Your body is primed and ready to go

Morning is the perfect time for sex because, quite frankly, your body’s ready for it. That’s because estrogen and testosterone levels are at their peak during this time. Why does that matter? Well, one 2013 study found that your libido is affected by your hormone levels —the higher they are, the friskier you feel.

  • He’ll last longer

Speaking of hormones: The more testosterone, the better the sex. High testosterone levels will boost your partner’s libido and improve sexual function, according to one 2007 study. One older review published in 2000 also found that higher testosterone levels can increase erection strength.

  • It releases the “cuddle hormone” oxytocin

Morning sex can bring you and your partner closer together. How so? Sex produces oxytocin, also known as the “cuddle hormone.” Oxytocin is the chemical in the brain that controls love and bonding. When it’s released during sex, you’ll feel more connected to your partner.

  • It’s a stress reliever

Want to get rid of stress? Then have morning sex. One 2010 study found that pleasurable activities can reduce your stress hormone levels. That means climaxing before you head to work can put you in a great mood for the rest of the day.

  • It releases endorphins

Morning sex produces endorphins, the magical pain-relieving chemicals in your body that help boost your mood. That’s why you usually feel happier after you’ve climaxed. So why not start your day with a chipper attitude?

  • It counts as a workout

Sure, having morning sex may not be the equivalent of running on a treadmill for an hour, but it’s still one hell of a workout. Sex burns about five calories per minute, according to research from the Harvard Medical School. That’s the same as going for a walk. Wouldn’t you rather burn at least 75 calories with a morning quickie, though?

  • It’s good for your brain

Want to give your brainpower a boost? Morning sex is the answer. Multiple studies show that getting busy releases a mix of neurotransmitters and hormones — in particular, dopamine, the feel-good hormone — that can benefit brain health and cognition.

  • It boosts your immune system

Sure, vitamin C might do wonders for your immune system. But so does getting frisky in the morning. Researchers from one 2015 study discovered that sex can boost your immunity by triggering your body’s natural defences against bacteria, viruses, and other germs.

  • It can help you look younger

Morning sex may be your very own fountain of youth. Some experts think that sex is the key to looking younger because it releases oxytocin, beta-endorphins, and other anti-inflammatory molecules. BBC News reported that older research suggests having sex at least three times a week can make you look several years younger than people who have less sex. Orgasms can even benefit your skin in several ways!

Ways to make it happen

Spontaneous morning sex is great, but it doesn’t always have to happen spur-of-the-moment. You can pencil your frisky time into your schedule and still have steamy sessions. Read on for some tips on how to fit morning sex into your daily routine, and keep it hot.

  • Worried about time?

Having sex in the early daytime hours may cut into your morning routine, but that doesn’t have to be the case. You can set your alarm for 20 minutes early — or an hour, if you’re ambitious — and have sex before you jump in the shower. Or, instead of hitting the snooze button, get busy!

  • Don’t want to set an earlier alarm?

No one blames you if you don’t want to trade in precious sleep time for morning sex. But you can still do the dirty and get your beauty rest. Conserve water by showering together — and get a quickie in while you’re at it. It’s good for the environment and your body.

  • Think you’re going to be too tired?

Sure, you’ll probably be groggy in the morning — who isn’t? But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a little romp in bed. Go for positions that don’t require much of you, like spooning or doggy. You can feel pleasure without cardio.

  • Not in the mood just yet?

Foreplay: Tease each other in bed by stimulating each other’s erogenous zones, such as the nipples, behind the ears, or the neck. As you start to get into the mood, have your partner give you oral, or vice versa. Once you’re really hot and heavy, you’ll be ready to get frisky.

  • Worried about bad breath?

No one likes morning breath, but don’t let that stop you from getting freaky. Keep mints by the bed or avoid face-to-face positions. Doggy style, spooning, and lotus are all perfect positions if you want to limit your exposure to bad morning breath.

  • But still want some kissing?

When it comes to kissing, you have to think beyond your lips. Your neck, nipples, stomach, shoulders, and other areas of your body are just as kissable as your mouth. Plus, kissing those areas gives you all of the intimacy without fear of morning breath.

  • Worried about lighting?

Daytime light is soft and flattering, which sets the perfect mood for morning sex. But if you’re worried about lighting, you can start under the covers and build up to baring it all. Or you can close your shades and let the shadows trace your bodies as you get busy.

  • Still unsure?

Not completely sold on morning sex? Then think about other ways you can get frisky without intercourse. You could always ask for oral with an IOU for later on in the day.


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