Let’s face it;

A cost of a wedding dress shouldn't prevent you from walking down the aisle. The time is now. Find alternatives to looking elegant while you said 'I do' in the presence of family and friends.

Whether you have a tight wedding budget or you’re simply opposed to spending so much money on a single, check out ways to cut down cost on your wedding dress.

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  • Simplify

simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Choose a beautiful gown without embellishments that come with hefty prices.  Lace, drippings, and beading make every dress expensive. Opt for accessories that will compliment your look.

  • Pick a less formal silhouette

Fashion designers price a dress based on the type of fabric and the yards it takes to make it. To save money, chose simple shape instead of ball gowns are sewn with dazzling fabrics.

  • Scout for discounts

Follow all the popular bridal shops on social media to stay in the know about any big savings or fun giveaways.

Occasionally, pass by their shops if they are running discounts sales. Some clients also want to sell their wedding gowns after their wedding at a cheaper price. You can buy it and make few adjustments to suit your personal taste and style.

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  • Shop at the right time

Some shops give mega discounts few weeks to festive occasions such as Easter, Christmas to make room for the next season's merchandise. If you have your heart set on a pricey designer gown, you might be able to snag it at up to 80 percent less.

  • Rent a dress

You'd be surprised at how many brides rented jaw-dropping gowns for their wedding day. Wedding guests forget about her elegant look after two or three days.

Nobody can dare asked you whether you bought the gown or rented it. So why do you look for something stunning for your album and future reference?