The first time I attended a wedding I was about 10 years old.  I remember it was my big sister’s friends wedding. I ordinarily would not have followed my sister to the event but I was pretty close to Rita(The bride) too, so I decided to go.

I put on my best pink dress adorned with pearls and I went for the wedding. It was the worst event I witnessed in my ten year life at that time.  Bad music, poor organization and the list goes on. Even at that age  I knew  it was gonna go down in my books as one of the worst wedding ceremonies ever –and  almost two decades later I still remember it like it was yesterday.

Believe me, that is how long it sticks with wedding guests when they witness a bad ceremony! but here are five things you can avoid to ensure your guest have a pleasant experience.

1.  A big gap between the ceremony and the reception.

This is one of the worst experiences. After spending hours in church for what should be a straight forward exchange of vows ceremony, you would expert the reception to immediately begin so you can at least have water to drink. In some cases the reception venue is far from the church and you need at least 20 minutes travel time to get there. Sometimes too the bride and groom wastes a lot of time taking pictures and so they arrive at the reception late. Avoid this if you are planning a wedding. Either find a reception venue very close to the church or drive straight to the reception venue right after church.

2. Long winding sermons.

Seriously who needs a long winding cliché’ sermon on a wedding day? Nobody!!! So you need to let your pastors know that you don’t intend to spend more than an hour and a half in church. Everything should be straight to the point.  The long prayers should be cut short, It is not the time to try and woo new members neither is it the time to raise funds for the church. The pastors should know that this is unacceptable.

3. A late bride.

All you brides who were late to your weddings I guess you look back with such shame right? If you still have no shame for the lateness exhibited on your wedding day, then you had no respect for your guests. I haven’t been a bride before but why are some of you brides late all the time? It is so not cool! If am your pastor I will either end the ceremony or call your mum to exchange vows with your groom on your behalf.

4. Bad Music.

Spend time to pick your music or find a DJ who knows what he is doing. Nothing bores to death than a wedding with whack food, poor organization and to top it up boring MUSIC.  Music is everything. Trust me if the music is good at your wedding, it covers all the other mishaps. Invest in your music at your wedding. Enough of the bad repetitive music and the old sound systems.

5. Poorly timed cake cutting.

When your guests are responding to the good music and having the time of their life on the dance floor, don’t interrupt the fun for a five minutes cake cutting. Don’t ever do that please! Either you cut the cake early enough or do it after people have danced their hips off. Just don’t interrupt the fun.