Weekday weddings: Here's how best to plan it and what to consider

Weekday weddings have become popular over the years. Here's your perfect guide if you are planning one:


Planning a weekday wedding is not as simple as choosing an alternate day of the week. You must be prepared for the intrinsic differences between weekday and weekend weddings that make the choice more budget-friendly.

Monetary advantages aside, choosing a weekday may also mean getting a sooner wedding date at your dream wedding venue.

The pros of planning a weekday wedding are huge, but there are some cons too to consider.

There are a few crucial components to consider before you decide whether or not a weekday wedding is the right move for you. Read on for the questions to ask yourselves, the pros and cons to weigh, and a few tips and tricks for turning your weekday wedding into an unforgettable celebration.


Despite the various advantages of an off-day celebration, there are some disadvantages and logistical issues you'll need to think about, too. Here are eight things to consider if you're thinking about choosing a weekday wedding date.

  • Do a pre-check 

Before you formally commit to a weekday wedding, be sure to ask the VIPS you can’t imagine marrying without if the date will work for them. If it turns out there are several major conflicts, then you might consider a weekend.

  • Don't let the reception go too late into the night

You want to end your wedding on a high note. So, don't drag it out longer than your guests are going to be invested." What that also means: don’t waste money on an after-party.


Most guests won't stay until the wee hours of the morning, since they likely have work the next day and won't want to nurse a hangover.

Weekday weddings work well for couples hosting dry weddings, or if many of the guests won't be drinking alcohol.

  • Be strategic with scheduling 

When you are planning a weekday wedding, you have to be very strategic about it, especially with the activities. If it's a one-day event, probably the traditional wedding in the morning, church or court wedding in the afternoon and then a wedding reception in the evening. Then, let people know of different activities they can opt into throughout the experience.

This will also prevent them from taking the whole day off from work. While some may opt to come in the morning and go back to work later in the day, others will come later in the day and celebrate till the end.

  • Consider long weekends

It's important to consider long weekends when planning a weekday wedding. since many people don't work on holidays, consider booking a long-weekend wedding if you're worried about attendance rates.

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