Will your partner leak your nudes after break-up? This quiz will show you

If you are able to predict your partner's behaviour accurately, this quiz will determine whether they will release your nudes or not after a break up.

D-Black and lady in tape

Describe your partner

Rich and famous
Broke and humble
Beard gang and six packs
Fork boy or party animal

How long will your partner date before tying the knot?

6 months
2 years
4 years
6 years
10 years

What's your partner's favourite social media platform?


How many hours can your partner spend on social media?

1 hour
2 hours
6 hours
12 hours
24 hours

How long can your partner be on the phone talking to you in a day?

5 minutes
1 hour
5 hours
10 hours
24 hours

Your partner's first reaction when they find out you are cheating

Break up
Seek counselling
Block your partner on all social media platforms
Cheat back
Abuse you

Your partner finds you chatting your ex. What will be their next action?

Ask you to stop chatting
Call your ex and warn them to stay away
Ask you to give them a space
Pray over it
Talk to their ex

From your experience, how will your partner handle break-up?

Listen to broken-heart playlist all day
Plan a revenge
Move on quickly
Re-unite with their ex
Wait for you to change your mind

How long can your partner wait for you when you travel abroad for job opportunity?

1 year
2 years
5 years
10 years
20 years
Your score: Yes
You are in a toxic relationship. From the look of things, your partner will leak your nudes when you break up with them. So, better be careful when you are naked in front of them or never break up.
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Your score: No
Your partner loves you but not to the extent of hurting you after break up. Your partner may also be a religious person and decent.
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Your score: Unlikely
You are dating a cheater who doesn't have time for you and doesn't have time to leak your nudes when you break up. They can ignore you and move on quickly.
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Your score: 50/50
Your partner is in-between. Anything can happen, so prepare for it.
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Your score: 404 ERROR
It seems your partner is using 'yam phone' so forget about leaks. Enjoy the relationship while it lasts. Cheers!
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