Street Hustle Accra: A day in life of fuel attendant saving for tertiary education

The subject for today's 'Street Hustle Accra', a fuel station attendant, Esther Kuwornu tells us about how she survives in life with her field of work.

Fuel station

Esther completed Senior High School in 2020, and she has decided to work hard so that she can save some money to further her education.

Here’s how her day usually goes:


"I wake up at 4 am. Then I clean the house, then I quickly get ready for work.

"At about 5 am, I leave the house and go to the roadside to pick up a vehicle to work.

"When I get to work, I change over and I go to the pump where I am assigned to and then start working.

"Work is quite busy in the mornings because it is during that time that drivers come to fill their tanks.

"While working, I make sure I have at least a loaf of bread close to me so that I can eat them while work is ongoing, just so I don’t work on an empty stomach.

"By 11 am, work begins to slow down and then I go to find something heavy to eat that can at least sustain me throughout the day." She said.


"In the afternoon, the workplace is not very busy although customers come In bit by bit. So, I have quite some time to relax.

"At about 4 pm, sales begin to pick up again and then the station becomes busy again. This is mostly due to the fact that workers who couldn’t buy theirs in the morning do so or commercial vehicles fill their tanks for the next day.

"This is through till the evening."


"In the evening, work continues until the place gets dull and this is usually around 10pm.

"While selling, the schedule is that when you are hungry, you leave the place for the other person to take over your post so that you can go and eat.

"So at about 7pm or 8pm, I leave my side for my other colleagues and then I go to eat.

"Sometimes I buy food from a food joint. At other times, my Kim brings me food from home so that I don’t always have to buy or even eat from the roadside. So after eating, I go to continue my job until 9pm, then I go to do sales to the branch manager.

"So this entails what I have done the whole day and whether I have balanced or not.

"Everyone does this until we are all done.

"Then we sweep the place and then close or lock all the necessary things.

"At this time, I know I am done for the day and then I quickly go to the restroom, change my outfit to the one I brought from home and then head straight home.

"When I get home, I quickly go and take my bath, then I go straight to bed. I say a word of prayer and then sleep. This usually will be around 10:30 to 11 pm.


"The work is quite stressful considering the time I report to work and when I return home.

"One other challenging part is when I am not balancing, I either have to find where the fault is or pay with my money."

Best moments

"I love the tips I get. Sometimes these tips cater for me throughout the month and don’t even have to spend my salary.

"My salary is also good and I manage to save some for school.

"I also get some days off work that I use to rest or do some rounds if I have to.

"Overall, work is good and I pray God helps me to save enough for school because I really want to further my education." She concluded


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