The Rock can't fit into $4m LaFerrari, GTA Spano

Poor Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson has a serious dilemma, he can not fit into these two supercars, the Ferrari LaFerrari and GTA Spano.

GTA Spano

Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson has a serious dilemma.

He can not fit into these two supercars, the Ferrari LaFerrariand GTA Spano.

The Rock recently posted a couple of pictures on Facebook of the incredible supercars he can't enter due to his big frame.

"She was a fast machine, she kept her motor clean - she was the best damn woman that I ever seen...950 horsepower. Less than 25 made (matte white) in the world. Selling on the streets for $3-5 million. The great benefit of producing and starring in HBO's Ballers is that I can admire, touch and play with this Ferrari which is one of the most beautifully engineered and sought after exotic cars in the world. The drawback...? Daddy don't fit in it."

Dwayne had the same challenge with the Spano.

"A big Ballers THANK YOU to our international makers of this ‪#‎GTASpano‬f or shipping this truly exotic Spanish super car in all the way from Spain. Even though my character can't fit (literally) in this beauty, as our show's Executive Producer I'll take full credit for featuring her properly. We thank you again.. a beautiful super car."

The former WWE star, who is currently on the set of his show, "Ballers", is 6'5" and 260 lbs.

I recommend the door-less Jeep Wrangler Red Rock for him.


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