Tips to purchase happiness (Pulse Contributor’s Opinion )

Happiness is a feeling of pleasure or contentment, when you are happy it means you are content or satisfied with your actions, happiness as many says can’t be bought well this is true to some extent but not fully. This feeling of contentment cannot be bought with money but other simple ventures can help you find yourself swimming in a pool of happiness. First things first let’s get some concepts of happiness right, the most important thing we should know is that we get happy from the things we give more than the things we receive, meaning the happiness in giving can’t be compared to the happiness in getting, furthermore happiness can’t be stolen, a happy man can never be saddened by the actions and inactions of others, he is always on the bright side always looking to be of help to others and overlooking the bad that others do in exchange for the good he offered. Moreover, happiness lives as long as its source, this translates that the duration for which one finds happiness depends on how long the source of the happiness lasts, this means there is more happiness in helping someone with money for surgery to live for 40 extra years than to buy a phone that will be old in about 6 months.


All these are general ideas to gain happiness but the real facts are many and unlimited, it takes a lifetime to decode each source and way to happiness. Through enquires, research, and personal experience I will like to explain some of the simple ways to gain this priceless commodity of happiness.

  1. Invest in others for others.

You must put your resources in people, you must seek to seek the betterment of others just as you seek your betterment, whenever we fight for only our personal gains we end up starting a way that has no end because there will always be someone better than you in a certain field, you can be the perfect person because perfect is impossible, also you must remember that the shelf-life of happiness depends on the producer, meaning happiness last as long as the places it comes from are still alive.

2. Do what makes you happy and whenever possible.

What do you gain from being gloomy and sad, I know you will say nothing but being sad makes you sick according to science and real-life experiences, sadness slows your thinking rate and lots of other beneficial processes for the body. Happiness must be your topmost priority and you should not make anyone stand in your way to achieve this. Once your happiness is genuine it should not hurt others only if your sadness is that person's priority. Trying to be happy for about 80% of your day will also increase productivity and overall wellbeing.

3.Take away things that make you sad.

Have you ever had a friend who just saw your mistakes, and made you feel bad? These are the kind of people you should stay away from. Things and people that make us sad aren’t good to keep around, they will reduce your self-confidence and also serve as an obstacle in getting that happiness you always required. We should remember that full perfection is possible as humans so are full imperfection. Life is good only if you look on the good side and bad if you look at the bad side it’s up to you chose.

4.Understand your nature.

Understanding is all most of us need, we must understand that we are humans without any superpowers and hence we have limited power over situations, you cant fly 200 miles to save a family member from an accident of control wind to stop shipwrecks, we must know that no matter how hard we try we will still make mistakes and that’s perfectly normal. Human as we are we must know our potentials and limitation, this will help prevent us from taking the blame for some things we never had a hand in.

In conclusion, happiness isn’t bought with money but with actions backed with good motives and also thoughts filled with positivity for bought the thinker and who these thoughts affect. As time goes on many things tend to hinder our happiness but we should try as much as possible to suppress them and live happily ever after. This is the only superpower we share as humans.

Samuel Hesse.

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